Children’s room wallpaper

Children’s room wallpaper 


The best present ever!

It was early autumn, and my son Michael's birthday was coming up. The closer it came, the harder it seemed to find him a present that he’d really like. He was 7 and my only lead was, he loved The Jungle Book. every evening, he’d ask me to read it to him before falling asleep. it was clear the present should be something related with the book, but what? 

I didn’t want to just get something expensive or trendy. I wanted something original that would excite and make him happy for a long time, so i decided to google anything relevant to the story, from safari in Africa (I wouldn’t go there, even if it were free, I'm terrified of crocodiles) to a birthday party at the zoo, to a family screening of the movie with popcorn and chips, and even though the ideas were good, none of them really cut it.

With every new search, I felt I was getting closer.. at some point, I googled “make your kid’s dream come true” . What appeared, was a jelly bean playhouse with a waffle roof, that a seven year old could easily fit in. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it gave me an idea! Why not make his room a part of the story.. after a few more searches it finally appeared. A free hand wallpaper drawing of a jungle, and it felt exactly right.

I called the store to see if I can make a few color adjustments so it would be a bit lighter and more open. They did a perfect job, and sent me back the picture for approval. 

The wallpaper for the rest of the walls was just perfect, no need to change anything. I got the order a few days later, I booked a wallpaper installer for the day before his birthday. I booked us a trip to grandma so it will be a surprise when we get back. Throughout the entire visit to grandma. Though I was a little worried, everything went just great, far beyond my wildest expectations.

When we got back and Michael went into his room, a late afternoon sun shined through the trees surrounding the house, and it made the jungle wallpaper seem even more realistic. He was totally overwhelmed with delight.. that night he slept in a sleeping bag on the floor, 

with a head lamp lit at his side, before going to sleep I asked him if he'd like me to read him a chapter from the jungle book, but he said he just wants me to sit next to him for a while, he put his head on my knees and said "I love you mom, best present ever".

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