concrete and bricks

concrete and bricks


Having a concrete wallpaper design in your living room is kind of like watching a storm through the window. At the convenience of your home, it gives you a sense of excitement, and adventure while you’re safe, dry and warm. Concrete wallpaper comes in many designs, textures, colors and shapes, but one thing is for sure, they’re all beautiful and inspiring. You can choose to cover one wall or many, but the beauty of it is, that even a small area is enough to upgrade an entire space. Another serious advantage is that the design is so gorgeous, that you simply can’t ruin it, any stains or damage simply blend in. 

Last but not least, is the price. We’re used to seeing concrete walls in big expensive houses or Manhattan lofts with an industrial touch. But in reality, concrete wallpaper feels even more realistic and beautiful because of its texture, and is actually much less expensive. 


And a word about bricks, much like concrete textures, bricks too, create an atmosphere, the straight rows of stone, with a constantly changing texture due to color and design variations, create a very interesting, warm and exciting design. Today, you can pick from dozens of colors, variants, shapes and sizes to create the feel and movement you’re looking for.


On a personal note, brick or concrete wallpaper is a concept in and of itself, even though it has the same look and feel as a concrete or brick wall, it doesn’t want to be mistaken for one. but is in its own right, a true piece of art.

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