Custom made wallpaper pictures

Custom made wallpaper pictures


Wallpaper pictures have many advantages which I’ll go over them in a sec.  But on a personal note, I think the best thing about them, is that they look fantastic! You can eat breakfast under the Eiffel tower, sit and read in a middle of a forest, or practically be anywhere without leaving home.

What’s really great, is the atmosphere the wallpapers create. it always gives you a feeling of a fantastic holiday. 


Another major advantage is that it doesn’t have to have a recurring pattern like some wallpapers do. It’s an actual picture that you custom fit for any wall especially made to fit. You can have the same picture on an eleven or fourteen-foot wall, and they’ll both look just as amazing. 

Another advantage is the texture. The wallpaper delivered is of state of the art quality, giving the picture depth, making it even more realistic and exciting.

And last, though not less important, since wallpaper pictures are custom made, there is no leftover material, which saves you money, as you only pay for the actual size you ordered.


if you have any questions you’re more than invited to contact us and our professionals will be happy to assist


P.s you can also be your own designer! And create your very own custom made, wallpaper picture. If you have a great family shot, an exciting view or landscape you took on a trip, or there’s just a beautiful image that you’d like, all you need to do is send us a high-quality file with the size of wallpaper you need, and we’ll gladly print it for.

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