Emily's wallpaper story

Emily's story

It was the first week of summer, and Michel and I decided to take a week off, just the two of us, mother and daughter, to spend some quality time together. We decided that we’re going to be spontaneous and that every morning we’ll decide what we’re going to do that day, and truly, every day together, was an adventure. We tried exotic foods, travelled to new places, explored nature and everything was just perfect, until that Wednesday morning, when we decided to redesign Michel's room.


At the time, she was a teenager with a vivid imagination and very much into a soap opera, with lots of intrigues and conspiracies, taking place in a mansion on the shores of the pacific ocean, and what she liked most about it was, that in every room, they had different wallpaper, that gave each room it’s special atmosphere and mood, and she wanted one too!


I must admit, that even as an experienced graphic and interior designer this was a tall order. she wanted something daring and provocative but reserved, something broad and open but with dark colors too, and last but not least, that it should match the rare, already existing mixture of colors in her room, green, pink, purple peach and a few more… 


As challenging as it was, I decided to accept the mission, probably under the influence of the James Bond movie we watched last night.. and so it was, we sat down by the computer, and googled, I think, every existing wallpaper in the universe,  abstract, 3d, flowery, Florence, modern, gothic… you name it. We went over hundreds of designs and patterns, we searched till our eyes became blurry and the colors mixed, but no matter how much we searched, there was always something that didn’t quite match, whether it didn’t fit the exact size of her wall, or the colors weren't just right, or everything was great, but it just didn’t feel right. 


And so, exhausted but not despaired, we decided to call it a night, hoping that tomorrow the luck fairy will visit us, but the next day she didn’t come either, and again we went over dozens of wallpapers, and just as we were about to give up, Michel said, mom, why don’t you create the design? this is what you do, you turn dreams into reality, and something about the way she said it, gave me so much strength and confidence that despite the late hour and the fatigue, I felt completely energized and very much alive! and so we sat to the task, I opened my mac, and we started drawing, and painting, and erasing, changing and adding colors and shades, so the pink will suit the table, and the orange, will match the mirror, and the purple will fit the rug and the peach will blend in with the ceiling.. 

Exactly at a minute past midnight, our creation was done! we felt, that no matter what happens tomorrow, this was our best vacation ever. Exhausted but content we went to bed, and the next morning we called a big wallpaper company to see when can they prepare our order. 

Unfortunately, a man with a rusty voice and eloquent English, begged our pardon, saying that they can’t do it, they simply don’t make custom wallpapers, and as disappointing as it was, we did not lose our calm, instead, we were resourceful, we turned to the local printer's shop, that was just 2 blocks away from our house and to our delight, he took the job, however, the result was quite far from what we imagined, the size was right, but everything else didn’t quite cut it.. nevertheless it gave us an idea! 

To make a long story short, the rest of the week we did some serious market research, and exactly 3 months later, we opened our very own custom made wallpapers shop, in which you can imagine and design everything! From the design to the size, to the colors, to whatever you want and however you want it.

We also created a creative line of unique wallpaper designs, there you can find anything and everything you’re looking for, even if you yourself,  don’t exactly know what that is. 

We’re here 24\7 to turn your dreams into reality and give you the best customer experience we can.   ..well 24\7 except for the week Michel and I are on vacation, doing just girls things:) 

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