wallpaper can make you money

wallpaper can make you money

One of our clients, let’s just call him Mr T. was selling his flat for 250K, customers came and went but no one would pay more than 225, Mr T. was about to give up and settle, however, his brother, who was a handy man, made him a bet, he said “i can help you sell this apartment for 250, and when i do, you’re taking me out to that expensive Italian place” his brother was two years older and they were best friends, so he tought, 25 grand or not, if he likes that Italian place, ill be glad to take him anyway, so it’s a pretty win-win situation, so he took the bet. 

Two days later, another couple came by to see the apartment, but still, no one would pay 250..

On the third day, his brother appeared at 7 am with 5 roles of wallpaper, glue, nylon and a roller, he worked the entire day, and by sunset the living room was ready, he instaled a beautiful green palm leaf wallpaper that blended in perfectly with the palms you could see from the balcony, and it simply lit up the entire room, it was just beautiful. Buyers or not, that evening Mr T. took his brother out for Italian. In the following days, no one came, but on Sunday, the first couple that entered the house were more than happy to pay the price! He was so excited, he called his brother and asked him “how did you know” he said, “first of all, always ask your big brother for advice, secondly, from my experience, people don’t pay for how the house might look or what they might get, they pay for what they see and feel, and no matter how you turn it, the 200 dollars spent on wallpaper, gave an astonishing feeling of inspiration, that apparently was worth 25grand!

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