Wallpaper or paint

Wallpaper or paint, what's better


It’s pretty simple to paint a wall, and if you have a few kids, and a soccer ball that occasionally makes its way into the living room in mysterious ways, or a scooter on which siblings pull each other around the house, or just a dining table or chair that rubs against the wall from time to time, you sooner or later, will come to the inevitable conclusion, that you need to put on a new coat of paint, that’s the conclusion I came to.

Since it didn’t require anything more complicated, like smoothing the surface, filling holes, or covering leakage stains, I decided to get it over with, and if i’m already taking the time to cover the furniture with nylon, and put masking tape where I don’t want to get paint stains and marks.

While we are at it,, why not choose something a bit more interesting than plain white,  and so, as I was leafing through a do it yourself designer magazine, I stumbled upon a beautiful, green grey mortar texture paint, and I decided that this is what I’m going to get.

However, to my surprise as I looked for the manufacturer, I found out that it was actually a wallpaper texture, that gives you the exact same look and feel that you get from textured mortar. The fact that it’s supper washable, and easy to install encouraged me even more. However I had to decide. Wallpaper is something you put on for a long time, since I mistakenly thought that it’s hard to peel off, but again i stood corrected, wallpaper isn’t what it used to be.. 

If you do ever want to replace it, qualitative wallpaper nowadays is made of nonwoven material that comes off easily without leaving a trace. The best part about it, is that wallpaper designs can upgrade any space you choose and blend in perfectly to create the exact atmosphere and mood of your choice.

Wallpaper designs vary, from 3d patterns to abstract art, to pictures of nature or urbanic views and a whole lot more, so you can easily find a design that is exactly what you’re looking for, and if you'd like to add or change a color or design, our graphic designers will do it, free of charge, as a part of the best possible customer service and experience we can provide. 

And…  the funnest thing about wallpaper, is that the inspiration of friends, family, coworkers or just occasional people passing by will remind you again and again, you made the right choice.

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