Wallpaper with a twist


Just like Instagram, WeChat, and Spotify –  a new generation of customized services allowing you to get the preference of your choice, so is the new generation of custom made wallpaper, made to fit your exact needs, creating the precise atmosphere and mood that inspires you.


The new generation of custom-made wallpaper allows you to choose and create anything from the design to the colors to the texture to the size, and get the exact match you’re looking for.

If you need help, we are here for you! We have state of the art graphic designers, with years of experience creating unique designs and patterns, that can only be found at Emily’s. 

Ranging from 3d to, abstract, Urbanic, concrete, nature, children’s rooms, geometric and many many more, we’re giving you a world of choices, to have things exactly the way you want them, like your music or news. 

We created a variety of wallpaper designs that come in many colors to suit your needs, but if you feel, that by changing a shade or color the wallpaper design, can create the exact mood you’re looking for, or precisely match the already existing colors or designs you have, then it’s more than doable.

We work with designers, architects, contractors, and companies from all over the world, always going the extra mile, to get things done just the way you want them –  no matter where you’re from or who you are, for us every customer is a VIP

We’re here to bring you a new generation of wallpaper with a unique combination of state of the art machinery, human skill and a strong desire to allow you to express yourself.

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